plastics-technique Helmstedt

Kunststoff-Technik Helmstedt GmbH was founded in 1971 by Gerold Keil. Two small injection moulding machines in a garage were then used to manufacture plastic screw plugs. Within a short period, the heavy demand for screw plugs lead to an expansion of the machine outfit and in 1977 we moved into a wing of the former Helmstedt foundry. Increasing numbers of clients and the expansion of our product range of plastic items meant that we did not have enough space in 1981. Therefore we built a new building in the Helmstedt industrial park, which is the current location of KTH - Kunststoff-Technik Helmstedt GmbH.


The new site in 1981 saw us integrate development and construction with our own tool construction. Today KTH - Kunststoff-Technik Helmstedt GmbH uses 32 injection moulding machines to manufacture screw plugs with various diameters, numerous accessories and in-house developments.


The high quality of the products, precise operating cycles and a quality management system according to the DIN norm ISO 9001:2008 ensure flexible production.


All our products are exported worldwide.